Meet BJ Min-Weseman

• Certified Master Nutrition Therapist
• Certified Brain Integration Technique Therapist
• Certified in Brain Physiology, Advance Brain Integration and Muscle Activation

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg


I believe optimal brain function relies on a healthy body, and a healthy body relies on optimal brain function.




My journey in healing began when my son was six years old. I was called to my child’s classroom where I found him sleepy and despondent. He told me he was too tired to walk. I carried him out on my back.

My son’s lack of energy led to many difficulties at school. His teachers believed he had ADHD. Occupational therapists thought he had sensory integration disorder. Months of traditional therapies provided no improvement. Desperate, I enrolled at the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver. Here I discovered specific nutritional links to my son’s exhaustion and learning difficulties. I created a new nutritional plan that completely transformed my son’s situation. Today he is strong, healthy and focused.

My son’s success story was underscored by my own experience in healing through nutrition. I noticed that even thought I ate the healthiest foods, I was suffering from exhaustion. Through my work at the Nutrition Therapy Institute, I discovered why. Today I am healthy and have abundant energy.

Thoroughly intrigued by natural healing, I decided to expand my studies and attained certification in Brain Integration Technique (BIT) at The Learning Enhancement Center with the developer of BIT, Susan McCrossin. Through my practice of BIT, I discovered I have a gift for Energy Healing.

I am a certified Master Nutrition Therapist and a certified Brain Integration Technique Therapist. I am certified in Brain Physiology, Advance Brain Integration and Muscle Activation. Additionally, my successful career in the computer industry increased my capacity for analytical precision, indepth research and attention to detail. I incorporate all of these skills in my healing practice.

I have successfully treated many children and adults with ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, food allergies and airborne allergies. I help individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone imbalance, thyroid dysfunction and “leaky gut syndrome.”

My healing philosophy is one of complete mind-body integration. I believe optimal brain function relies on a healthy body, and a healthy body relies on optimal brain function. Our bodies and brains do not function as separate entities. They work best when they work together.

I was born in South Korea and have a deep understanding and comfort level with Eastern, holistic healing methods. I was trained in Western schools. These experiences lead me to integrate many modalities and thus offer Multidimensional Healing Therapy to clients. I treat clients using all three methods – Brain Integration Technique, Nutrition Therapy, and Acupressure Healing Energy Therapy – to achieve optimal health and brain function.