Awakening Healing Therapy finds the root cause of chronic conditions to alleviate pain using a combination of Brain Integration Technique, Nutrition Therapy, and Acupressure Healing Therapy. Therapies are effective, drug-free, non-invasive, and long-lasting for patients of every age. Office locations in Boulder and Louisville, CO.

Client Testimonials

BJ is a healer! I have had stomach problems my entire life and at 44 years. It had gotten so bad that I was unable to work full-time. My diet was limited but it felt like no matter what I ate I would have stomach pain. I’ve tried all kinds of doctors, chiropractors and homeopathic practitioners without success. BJ helped me so much over the past two months that I haven’t had any problems with my stomach. I can now eat whatever I want without worrying if I’ll be sick an hour later. I highly recommend BJ for everything!”

— Laura D, 44
My Little girl’s Pediatrician was concerned for my little girl’s thyroid health. she started to develop Goiter condition. I wanted to try an alternative therapy for my little girl. After 10 sessions of acupressure and energy therapy and nutritional counseling with BJ, her thyroid test results came back normal! We are so happy with the result!
— Myoungsook Y., 45
I have Crohn’s Disease. With BJ’s knowledge and guidance, I have learned which foods aggravate my symptoms, how to remove them from diet and monitor my progress. I have started to heal and I am pain free.
— Karen L., 55