Awakening Healing Therapy finds the root cause of chronic conditions to alleviate pain using a combination of Brain Integration Technique, Nutrition Therapy, and Acupressure Healing Therapy. Therapies are effective, drug-free, non-invasive, and long-lasting for patients of every age. Office locations in Boulder and Louisville, CO.

Client Testimonials

I can focus so much better at work after BJ balanced me. She is great. She also helped my teenage daughter with her mood issues.
— Brian W., 35
My Little girl’s Pediatrician wanted to prescribe Synthroid for my little girl. I wanted to try an alternative therapy before medicating my little girl. After 10 sessions of energy therapy and nutritional counseling with BJ, her thyroid test results came back normal.
— Myoungsook Y., 45
I have Crohn’s Disease. With BJ’s knowledge I have learned which foods aggravate my symptoms, how to remove them from diet and monitor my progress. I have started to heal and I am pain free.
— Karen L., 55