Brain Integration Technique (BIT) is designed to increase blood flow and restore body function. BIT is based on non-invasive acupressure, a 5,000-year-old Japanese healing method similar to acupuncture.

How does Brain Integration Technique work?
Research shows that learning disabilities, memory problems and concentration issues can be caused by mental "software glitches," or biochemical blockers that affect the flow of information inside the brain. These blockers are generally caused by stress. BIT therapy uses acupressure points and kinetic modes to reconnect neuron pathways that were turned off by stress – allowing us to concentrate and focus. BIT also incorporates applied physiology, a form of kinesiology, which enables practitioners to access and change specific body functions for the better.

Who can benefit from Brain Integration Technique?
BIT benefits children and adults of every age and life stage.

What conditions does Brain Integration Technique treat?
BIT treats many conditions including concentration problems, learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, sensory integration issues, mood disorders, brain trauma (concussions and other head injuries), and dementia.

What happens during treatment?
Using kinetic muscle testing and acupressure points to access brain information, BJ meticulously directs healing energy to the client by gently touching the client’s forehead and targeted areas at the back of the neck.

How long are sessions?
Sessions usually last about one hour. Clients describe sessions as enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic in nature.

How many sessions are required?
The number of sessions required for full therapeutic effectiveness varies by client and BJ will provide each client with a detailed plan. Treatments are long lasting.

When will I see results?
Clients begin to notice positive change immediately, with specific results in 3 – 4 sessions. Clients enjoy the full benefit of treatment at the conclusion of sessions.

Client Testimonials

I can focus so much better at work after BJ balanced me. She is great. She also helped my daughter with her mood issues.
— Brian W., 35, talking about himself and his teenage daughter
BJ has helped my son overcome his concussion. He suffered several concussions in the past year playing soccer. He had difficulty completing his homework and focusing. He had 8 sessions with BJ and is back to getting straight A’s. He is focused and organized.
— Laura D., 44, talking about her son Sam, age 13
BJ helped my son’s ADHD tremendously. He now able to sit calmly and pay attention to his home work. He is also able to socialize with other kids well. His teacher commented “what happened to him”? He is much organized and able to turn in home work on time!
— Sunny H., 42


Our neurons conduct subtle electricity to communicate with each other and with the body. BIT uses acupressure points and kinetic modes to reconnect neuron pathways