Philosophy Of Energy Therapy

Science tells us that atoms are 99.99% space filled with an electromagnetic force. Every element in the world is made of atoms, including us human beings. Our bodies are filled with electromagnetic energy.

At every atom’s core, protons, neutrons and electrons are circulating (vibrating). Each orbit around the nucleus represents an energy level. Orbits closer to the nucleus have lower energy. If energy is added, an electron can be "excited" to jump to a higher energy level and orbit farther from the nucleus. In the practice of Energy Therapy, illness is considered as a slower vibration of cells.

Awakening Healing’s Energy Therapy practice shifts subtle energy patterns through applied touch. Applying a deep understanding of how our body, organs, glands and brain works, I use kinetic muscle testing to pinpoint cellular weaknesses (slower vibrations). I then use therapeutic techniques to send healing energy to that specific area of the body, and aid in the healing process.

Everyone has healing energy within themselves. For example, cut skin heals over time. Combining my practitioner’s healing energy with your healing energy – and focusing that energy to a specific area in the body – produces rejuvenation quickly and effectively, without drugs or invasive measures.