Holistic Nutrition Therapy (HNT) is a nutritional planning system that considers the relationships between all major body systems. HNT is a vital component in the healing of a whole person.

Why incorporate Holistic Nutrition Therapy in the healing process?
Many people in modern society eat overly processed foods stripped of nutrients and heavy in excess calories. By not eating fresh fruits and vegetables containing vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes, people are lacking vital nutrients to run their bodies optimally. Read more about how nutritional deficits cause dysfunction and disease.

Who can benefit from Holistic Nutrition Therapy?
You! Everyone can derive significant and long-lasting health benefits from HNT. BJ designs custom nutritional plans for clients based on their specific needs.

How do you evaluate my current nutritional state?
You will complete a detailed questionnaire that will enable BJ to assess your current eating patterns.

What will my plan incorporate?
Your plan will be custom designed for your body. For example, BJ can orient specific nutritional therapies to address food allergies. For clients with hormone imbalances, BJ’s plans are designed to regulate hormones with specific guidelines for food types and intake times.

How often do I meet with you?
Meetings at a frequency of once per week are recommended.

When will I see results?
The number of sessions required for full therapeutic effectiveness varies by client and BJ will provide each client with a detailed plan. Your HNT plan is designed as a lifelong nutritional guide.



The first
consideration in our
overall health is
the foods we eat.


I have Crohn’s Disease. With BJ’s knowledge I have learned which foods aggravate my symptoms, how to remove them from diet and monitor my progress. I have started to heal and I am pain free!
— Karen L., 55
BJ helped my nursing baby girl, who suffered from colic condition and cried every waking moment. BJ identified the foods causing pain in her intestine, advised a new eating plan for me, and monitored its effectiveness. My baby is now pain free and happy!
— Soonjung H., 42