Energy Therapy (ET) is based on the essential truth that the energy within our cells tells the story of our health.

Low cell vibration = Problems.
Higher cell vibration = Optimum health.

How does Energy Therapy work?
Energy Therapy includes non-invasive kinetic muscle testing to pinpoint cell energy weaknesses. Healing energy is applied through a therapeutic touch technique. Read more about the philosophy of Energy Therapy

Who can benefit from Energy Therapy?
Anyone with autoimmune diseases, ADHD, ADD, autism, emotional blockage, colicky babies, and those with organ and gland issues.

What happens during treatment?
First, BJ uses kinetic muscle testing and kinetic modes to gather information from the body. Once this information is gathered, BJ uses a gentle touch technique to send healing energy to specific areas of the body.

How long are sessions?
Sessions usually last about one hour. Clients describe sessions as enjoyable, relaxing and therapeutic in nature.

How many sessions are required?
The number of sessions required for full therapeutic effectiveness varies by client and BJ will provide each client with a detailed plan. Treatments are long lasting.

When will I see results?
The timeframe for results depends upon the severity of symptoms. For example, clients will notice relief from minor pain with just one session. Complete healing of more entrenched problems can require three months or so of treatment, but clients will begin to feel greater comfort right away. Clients enjoy the full benefit of treatment at the conclusion of sessions.



higher cell vibration
optimum health


BJ is a healer! I have had stomach problems my entire life and at 44 years it had gotten so bad that I was unable to work full-time. My diet was limited but it felt like no matter what I ate I would have stomach pain. I’ve tried all kinds of doctors, chiropractors and homeopathic practitioners without success. BJ helped me so much over the past two months that I haven’t had any problems with my stomach. I can now eat whatever I want without worrying if I’ll be sick an hour later. I highly recommend BJ for everything!
— Laura D., 44
BJ helped my 9-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with thyroid disease. Her doctor prescribed Synthroid for her low thyroid condition. I wanted to try an alternative therapy before medicating my little girl. After 10 sessions of energy therapy and nutritional counseling with BJ, her thyroid test results came back normal! Also, her visual goiter went away!
— Myoungsook Y, 45